John Ranson for County Commissioner of Archuleta County

The Secret of Change is to Focus All of your Energy Not On Fighting The Old, But On Building the New.


Monday June 3rd: Ballots will be mailed out to our community.

Tuesday June 25th: Primary Election Day! Incredibly thankful to everyone that has been a part of this election.

Experience Counts

Proven approach to Archuleta County’s financial management dating back to 2007

Responsible Fiscal Management

Your County, Your Money

Challenges and Opportunities

Maintaining and improving our county, spending your money in the right places

People are Priority

Maintain and improve them, spending your money in the right places

Community Engagement

Clark Craig And John Lynn And John Silverton Man In Tractor John 3 John 4 John 5 John 6 John 8 Caucus Duttons Joe King John & Elmer Karin Diane Tim Miller Tom Zillhaver Pete Gutman Treasurer